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Ini udh ktiga x aq bli dvd dsini,recommendef bgt dn pngriman cpt,cm syg,ada knaikan hrga tp di web blm ada prubahn,shrusnya drubah

the legendary of siblings 2 pendekar binal jue dai shuang jiao  large  
The Legendary Of Siblings 2 (Pendekar Binal)
Code : SSG8
Deskripsi :

Film Tittle : The Legendary Of Siblings 2 (DVD)

Also known as : 絕世雙驕 / Jue Dai Shuang Jiao / Proud Twins / Pendekar Binal 

Artist Name : Jimmy Lin | Tae | Alec Su | Steve Ma | Lawrence Ng | Tian Xin

Language : Chinese

Subtitles : Indonesian | Chinese

Episode : 40

Quantity Disc :5 Disc

Genre : (wuxia)



"Set on the part of the first to the twenty!"

Three hundred sixty-five days a year, cutting wind and biting frost, this is the arena! 

Twenty years ago in a martial reign of terror; two years later to exact revenge arena a Buzz! 

Jiang martial arts hero flying fish, wind, no lack of martial arts to safety, leaving his wife and Ruolan Xiaofeng, joint master of the Fu Dongying Pa knife first, but the original implementation by the martial arts knife scum tyrants by force Yuelong Xuan, two human defeat Yue Longxuan, but unfortunately the two are injured Heavy die, and eventually became a martial arts myth! Twenty years later, the "big Dufang" there was a small fry, clever escape, proficient Du Shu, this is the small fish. Day, fish met a man called loudly, loudly without any explanation would have to kill the fish, the original wild parents suddenly to the people killed, the murderer misunderstanding fish after fish tried to explain, the two final enemy your friend. 

Wild fish to help track down the parents kill the enemy, traced to a "fixed village", met Zhuangzhu Yu Yuwen Wenpu only daughter pairs, Yuwen double although the unruly wayward, but on the fish at first sight, but the fish there is a childhood confidant Peas, while rivers and lakes of the moon started his house maid Zi Yan of fish are sentient. Miyaji because the incident involved in the moon arena, but was Yue Longxuan the plot, was seriously injured, but fortunately successor geniuses who met Changchun, Changchun is not saved to the moon, the moon also, and loss of memory occurred in a relationship. Fish, wild two met in Fuji small village in the river and snow and rain, they finally exposed the general Yuwen conspiracy to dominate the martial arts world, everyone is happy occasion, fish, wild parties discovered that the small river, snow and rain two days the door is human, subject to the orders of the door main Yuelong Xuan, a greater conspiracy. 

Fish, wild door deal with the day, finally found his own martial arts was actually the myth, the two fathers to fame, to martial arts, justice, vowing to eradicate Yuelong Xuan, after much suffering, the two big into martial arts, and finally to the deal Yuelong Xuan International, loudly he realized it was actually Yue Longxuan his own son, everything is a conspiracy Yuelong Xuan, want to join with the wild, and his son dominate the martial arts. While loudly Ascension occasion, Xiao Jiang tells his true identity, the original is the wind, no shortage of small river, the only body dye illnesses, dying, a small river to cross with wild martial arts mission, hope loudly to severing of ... ...


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