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This is my 2nd time order dan barang sampe dengan selamat sehat sentosa, Thankyouuuu Tokodvd. Next Time bakal order lagi loooh...

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pendekar mutiara naga devildom  large
Pendekar Mutiara Naga
Code : SSC12
Deskripsi :

Film Title : Pendekar Mutiara Naga (DVD)

Also known as : Devildom

Artist Name : Steve Ma | Ning Jing | Hu Jing | Wallace Chung

Language : Chinese

Subtitles : Indonesian | Chinese

Episode : 35

Quantity Disc : 5 Disc

Genre : romance, wuxia


In addition to the strong cast and luxurious, the "Devil" in another big selling point is its compact story, ups and downs, and danger, both in the unexpected, but also reasonable.

Review Wood family hero and his dragon in the Dragons Cave in the Pearl waiting for eight to six, led by the faithful Tangtang Zhu Shangguan people to seize Pearl rivers and lakes, they kill the dragon, wooden ethnic bloodbath Review , Mu Lung injuries police will rape his wife died, his son observed snow wood
Unaccounted for, police wooden dragon naturally lost his memory.

First Americans in the political arena, Tianshan Pai Woman dog days of summer with the help of Johnson, the police recovered the memory of wood dragon. He vowed to recover Pearl, revenge for the police family trees. In the search for Pearl of the process, the dog days of summer Jiao sacrifice, the police into a wooden dragon is a paradox, shadowy, half-human half-demon's rivers and lakes odd man.

Pearl of the people who are, can free the heart is willing, Pearl's magic so that they can toward their desired direction. Therefore, the Pearl is better when the good are the bad guys will get worse Pearl, Pearl martial arts martial arts person will be leaps and bounds, find the wealth of the people get Pearl will become great wealth. Just a few years time, the day Pearl of people have been a different fate, some mad, some killed, some disappeared, and Shangguan rivers and lakes are from a wilderness into a Fangwu Lin hegemony, FAITH Name shock the world.

Review wooden dragon around looking for revenge, to wipe out the entire Autumn Hill because it was the suzerain Autumn Hills is one of Pearl's snatch. Autumn Hills in Terminator, the police got wood dragon confidante of his life leaves Kocho.

Hong dog days of summer dog days of summer by Johnson's sister, sister's testament, to discourage the police continue to search for Pearl Dragon wood, but she was wooden dragon with the police were deeply in love with him in trouble, and when he leaves Kocho around already. On the other hand, young and in love with Yi Lu Ying Xia Hong dog days of summer, and the daughter of Shangguan Shangguan Lu Yi Fei Yan and deeply in love. Sense and Sensibility, justice and tangled affair.

Pearl police looking wooden dragon in the lakes has caused an uproar, to denounce the police martial arts Satan is thus the voice of the dragon wood one after another, black Baishuang Xia Lu Yi's parents out of justice, but was killed by police Mu Lung, Lu Yi, and observation of wood this potential into the fire and water dragon.

Divided into two major rivers and lakes from gangs, in order to detect wood dragon faction, led them to find Pearl, wooden ethnic revenge for the police; faction led by Shangguan, they have to denounce the police wood dragon chair Wulin Gong Road.

Between the two gangs launched a desperate struggle, and finally to a decisive moment, observing the son of the dragon wood wooden snow police miraculously appear, unlock the secret mission, the original, the real villain is not the police martial arts wooden dragon ... ...

Years later, all the rivers and lakes have disappeared, no longer referred to the police the same day wooden dragon battles Shangguan things. As the saying goes: the drain, spray depleted hero, success or a failure turned empty.


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