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This is my 2nd time order dan barang sampe dengan selamat sehat sentosa, Thankyouuuu Tokodvd. Next Time bakal order lagi loooh...

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love in jade palace 2 2012  large  
Love in Jade Palace 2 - 2012
Code : SSP2
Deskripsi :

Film Title : Love in Jade Palace 2 (DVD)

Also known as : 宫 / Gong/ 宫锁珠帘 / Gong Suo Zhu Lian

Artist Name :  Du Chun | Mickey He | Yuan Shan Shan | Zhang Jia Ni | Shu Chang | Feng Shao Feng | Yang Mi | Wei Qian Xiang | Tanny Tien | Hai Lu | Zhao Li Ying | Sun Fei Fei

Language : Chinese

Subtitles : Indonesian | Chinese

Episode : 37

Quantity Disc : 7 Disc

Genre : (period) (romance)



The new Gong tells of a new love story set in the times of Yongzheng. Lian’er asked her father to let her into the palace so that she could meet the seventeenth prince, Yunli. The two fall in love and originally planned to marry. But, when Yunli’s teacher Alinga lands in trouble, Yunli has no choice but to marry Alinga’s daughter to save him. A heartbroken Lian’er does her best to protect herself in the palace, desperately dreaming of being able to leave the palace and live an ordinary life. She did not expect to become a piece in a power play, used by those with power and betrayed a girl she had once thought of as a sister. Alliances are made, debts are formed, and just as Lian’er is about to go under, she accidentally attracts the fancy of Yongzheng and becomes one of his consorts. Suddenly, everything becomes so complicated – if she stops now, she will be hurt; but she fears losing herself if she continues. She chooses to believe in the light, and to trust that her perseverance will see her through this storm.


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