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This is my 2nd time order dan barang sampe dengan selamat sehat sentosa, Thankyouuuu Tokodvd. Next Time bakal order lagi loooh...

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The Mysterious Cases  large
Intelligent Detective - 2012
Code : SDT2
Deskripsi :

Film Title : Intelligent Detective (DVD)

Also known as : 卜案 / The Mysterious Cases

Artist Name : Benny Chan | Ren Tian Ye | Zhao Ke | Lian Yi Ming

Language : Chinese

Subtitles : Indonesian | Chinese

Episode : 26

Quantity Disc : 5 Disc

Genre : (wuxia)


Synopsis :

Jade treasures restoration of the mummy of a juvenile, a few boxes of fake, a "mandate of the Orient House", leads to the Xuanwumen unfortunate incident was actually a legacy of the Pathetique murder ... in the Tang Dynasty in the early years, Chang'an Kaiyuan outside the frequencyhair from the murder, are the previous storm the dead "back to the evil", then OK for the chaos caused. Then there are the ancient Han Dynasty Ranger assassin organization to reproduce, the use of wooden men curse fratricide imperial power struggle, and Zhongnanshan IF hair strange phenomenon, a series of events around the palace dignitaries and Royal Secret History of the record now. Chang'an city-of-phase frequency of the writing on the wall, or someone pretending to be a conspiracy?

For a time, rumors, panic, Captain Watson parties can not solve the case, "Detachment of Women" guide Pingyang princess, daughter of brush cloud Princess also been repeatedly involved in the case, the Credit goes to the seclusion of Chang'an young people Chunfeng frequently help solve the problem, the use of Chinese detection of cases of medical and scientific, to sweep aside the heavy fog, to see a field of entangled and attachment, greed, alchemy Wonderful palace X-Fighters tragedy, and restore the truth of a pile of cases ...


Jumlah :



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