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This is my 2nd time order dan barang sampe dengan selamat sehat sentosa, Thankyouuuu Tokodvd. Next Time bakal order lagi loooh...

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da feng ge the han triumph  large
Da Feng Ge (The Han Triumph)
Code : SSK2
Deskripsi :

Film Title : Da Feng Ge (DVD)

Also known as : 大風歌 / The Han Triumph

Artist Name : Ray Lui | Wang Ji | Liu Mu | Zhang Guang Bei

Language : Chinese

Subtitles : Indonesian | Chinese

Episode : 42

Quantity Disc : 6 Disc

Genre : (kingdom)



Sejarah Tentang Liu Bang yang mendirikan dinasti Han, Ibu Kota Chang'an modal sebagai latar belakang hampir setengah abad sejarah drama, dari Han Barat Kaisar Han Jianye.

Liu Bang establish the Han dynasty, the capital Chang'an as the background to the death of nearly half a century the history of drama, from the Western Han Jianye Han Emperor.

After Liu Bang became the emperor, the power of the Huns in the north of the constant harassment, guarding the Lingnan Zhao Tuo from the soldier dead weight to the establishment of the South Vietnamese country. However, most of Liu Bang doubts and fears are dominating the Western Han Dynasty half of the Han Xin led by eight different surname Wang. So he took office, first sent Lu Jia went to South Vietnam to appease Zhao Tuo; Following the Seoul Yu Jia foreign crusades, the Northern Expedition Hun did not expect North war defeat, Mao Dun siege of a white mountain climbing seven days and nights, to use the meter is out of danger, had a policy of Jimi the conclusion of "brotherly country" and the Huns. Border early report steady, he was drawn by inward, Jianfeng directed power high cover to Han Xin of the Lord. Zhongli Mei Han harboring Xiang Yu general grounds, first under house arrest in Chang'an, after the cut by the Empress waist. Following Seoul, cut English cloth, cut Peng Yue ...

In addition to dwelling Changsha Wu Rui, eight different surname Wang Jian Chu a seven! Later, Liu Bang, the canonization of his six nephews for the king, completely Liu Dynasty. Here, the son of Liu Bang cold thin Ji born Liu Heng to 6-year-old twenties sealed the remote behalf of the king. Liu Heng good nature, combined with thin Ji believe in Huang-Lao doctrine has always been cautious, courteous, give way of life standard of the monasteries, Liu Heng an early age to shun the public opinion should be justice, diligent governing the country, the rugged frontier of the wind control on behalf of the country, in ten seven years on behalf of the king career, mother and uncle thin Akira adjuvant, a solid implementation of minimal tax burden, the revitalization of agriculture, the development of population, statecraft, rest with the people, the accumulation of a rich later Han's governance experiences.

Rp 30.000,-

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